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Comment to be added.

After you friend me, check out my About me post! ;]

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Adding you Brooke. Don't know if you remember me, but it's Minns from GJ. I just randomly came across your journal. It was weird, but cool, and anyways, adding you.
Woah! Minns! Hey! I totally remember you, hehe. Of course I'll add you back! ;]
Hey! I'm Friends Only!!
Hi it's joanieeee!
brooooooooke! its clarrisa. im adding you! :]]
lmfao. hey, can i re-add you?
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Hi there!
This is Foolshavpide.
Like, I know that you just friended Foolshavepride but due to some heavy smothering I decided to change journal.
Mind if I add you once again?

(obviously you an defriend foolshavepride)
Of course, lol.
I added you as a friend. Seems like we actually have a bit in common (besides a mutual and wonderful addiction to Ben). ;) My journal is also f-locked so if you wanna be able to read posts you'll need to friend me as well. You just seem really nice, so yeah. :)
Lol, I added you back! ;]

Thank you, you seem really nice too! I appreciate all the wonderful comments, hehe.
oh my, audrey hepburn AND princess diana?! <3 may i add you?
Of course! :D

Deleted comment

Mm, Coldplay is one of my favorite bands, everrr! ;D

Of course hun! Added!
helllllo miss brooke. please add me. :D
Of course darling!
Hey, it's Amy/Waking Hour from FD :D. Thought I'd ad ya.
Hey hun! Of course!
hey! i randomly saw your lj via some decorating community..orbedrooms or something haha and you seem interesting! so i hope you dont mind that i added you :) would appreciate an add back !!
I don't mind at all! Added back! :D